Sarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner
MSc Studentin

Department of Environment & Biodiversity – University of Salzburg
Hellbrunner Straße 34, A-5020


The fascination for life began very early in my lifetime. I was always drawn to any form of wildlife and animals. As I grew older my interest expanded also into the area of protecting the environment, especially in times of global changes. My bachelor thesis was about the altitudinal shift of butterfly species due to the influence of climate change. I find it fascinating how ecosystems work and I like to learn about knew connections between and within communities. As an active member in the animal rescue in Salzburg I help in case of emergency to avoid and reduce any kind of pain for the animals.

In my future career I would like to help improve the lifestyle of animate beings and support nature conservation projects. In my master thesis I intend to find out about the connection between food availability in an alpine region and the presence of migrating bats. This study aims to provide insights into the complex ecosystem of the alps. The results should not only help to understand the system of bats and insects in alpine habitats better, but they should also help to lead the government in concern of building new wind turbines at high alpine mountain tops.