During the restricted library operation, non-university library users can use campus-licensed online resources at UBS download stations or download them where permitted by licensing law.
For this purpose, download stations are available during opening hours at the following locations:
– Main Library Hofstallgasse
– Rudolfskai
– Freisaal
– Toskanatrakt
Download stations near the information desks are available for downloading licensed e-resources.
To use the download stations, please note the following:
1. Send a reservation request and be sure to wait for the confirmation email. The confirmation e-mail is a prerequisite for use and must be printed out and presented at the information desk (or on a smartphone/tablet) (observe hygiene measures). Use without a reservation confirmation is not possible. The web forms for the reservation request can be found …here.
If you are not able to come on the agreed date or the reservation is no longer necessary, we ask you to send a short information by e-mail to the corresponding location address (you can find it on the reservation request page).
2. The time of use is limited with max. 30 minutes.
3. In order to use this time optimally it is necessary to carry out the detailed research for the required online resources in advance. Unfortunately, on-site consultation is not possible.
Tip: Research in advance as precisely as possible via UBsearch, in the EZB, DBIS e.g. the title of the journal article, the author. Note down the search terms that lead to the result and take them with you to the appointment. This will help you to find them quickly and to carry out the downloads in a time-optimized manner
4. Please bring a USB stick with you (can also be purchased at the information desks).    

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have: