„Luigi – Nono – Archive Jürg Stenzl“

Since 1972 the renowned musicologist and former head of the institute Univ.Prof. Dr. Jürg Stenzl has built up a research library on the Italian composer Luigi Nono – the “Luigi Nono Archive Jürg Stenzl” – in continuous collecting work. This archive includes most of the first editions and many reprints of Nono’s texts as well as all of Nono’s scores and almost all of the secondary literature on the composer.  Dissertations and theses from numerous domestic and foreign universities, newspaper clippings, program notes, critiques and reviews are collected. Also integrated is an extensive collection of sound recordings (LP, CD, cassettes, tapes).

Prof. em. Dr. Jürg Stenzl and his wife Dr. Nike Wagner-Stenzl handed over the archive to Paris Lodron University Salzburg in 2014. The holdings are stored in the Unipark specialist library.

Areas of responsibility:

Collection and recording of secondary literature on Luigi Nono.
Collection and recording of new publications on the sound and audiovisual media market. Support of research and teaching.


The library is open during the opening hours opening hours of the Unipark library.
Please make an appointment.

The holdings of the “Luigi Nono Archive Jürg Stenzl” cannot be borrowed and cannot be made available for interlibrary loan.

In the library there are book scanners available, which enable the free production of digital copies for personal use on USB sticks.


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