The history of the university library

1619 Founding of the Salzburg University Library through an endowment by the Salzburg Cathedral Chapter
1622 Constitution of the University of Salzburg
1649 Purchase of the “Christoph Besold Library” and construction of its own library hall within the old study building
1793 Move to the new Hofstallgassentrakt – book collection about 12,000 volumes
1807 Increase due to secularisation of the archdiocese, the holdings of the archbishop’s court library come to the university library
1810 Dissolution of the Benedictine University, the library remains as the “Lyceal Library” and then as the “Study Library”
1962 Re-establishment of the University of Salzburg. The “Studienbibliothek” becomes the “Universitätsbibliothek” again
1964 Establishment of a Chair of Philosophy and an Institute Library of Philosophy
1970 Establishment of the Institute Library for Archaeology in the Old Residence
1970s and 1980s Large-scale renovations, construction of the underground storage facility for the main library in the courtyard of the old university building
1986 Establishment of the Faculty Library for Natural Sciences
1989 Establishment of the Faculty Library for Social Sciences
1992 Opening of the Faculty Library of Law in the Toskanatrakt of the Residenz in the course of the implementation of the “Old Town University”
1993 Establishment of the Firmian-Salm-Haus Library as the second library location of the Faculty of Law Library
1997 Move of the Institute Libraries for Classical Philology and Ancient History into the Old Residence
2011 Opening of the UNIPARK specialist library: integration of 7 departmental libraries (Education, Musicology, Art History, German Studies, English Studies, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies) into the UNIPARK specialist library
2011 Relocation of the specialist library for sports and movement sciences from Akademiestraße to Hallein/Schloss Rif
2017 Opening of the new branch library at the Itzling location (formerly located at the Faculty Library for Natural Sciences)