Terms of use for e-resources

Who can use e-resources?

Members of the university:

  • Licensed e-resources can be used on PCs/mobile devices (on the university network or via Eduroam) within the university.
  • For use outside the university an installed VPN access is required. All information regarding remote access can be found here: Remote access (VPN client)

Non-members of the university:

  • For licensing reasons, the use of licensed e-resources is only possible within the library locations on specially equipped PC workstations.

Symbolbild Further notes on use:

As a general rule, please note that access data may not be passed on to other persons. Misuse may result in legal action being taken against you by the provider. Furthermore, the terms of use of the respective provider must be observed. E.g.:

  • It is inadmissible to systematically download large amounts of data
  • Articles and text passages may not be passed on either electronically or in printed form.
  • Articles and text passages may only be downloaded or printed out for scientific use.
  • Articles and text passages downloaded by you may not be posted on freely accessible websites. Using external applications like bots, software, or websites, including AI e.g.large language models or generative AI, is usually not permitted without explicit consent by the publisher.