Scandienst  Scanning services for lecturers and researchers

As an additional service, the University Library will temporarily be offering the digitisation of texts, articles and essays from the entire collections of the main, specialist and faculty libraries. Please observe the regulations of the copyright law, which are stated below. According to these regulations, textbooks and textbook-like media cannot be made available in digital form.

Please check the online availability of the desired medium in advance using  UBsearch.

For capacity reasons, we ask you to only order literature that is urgently required to avoid waiting times. The access to the respective order form is password protected, so please log in with your staff account.

  • Scanning parameters
    The scans are made with the following parameters:
    Resolution: 300dpi, document format PDF
    Documents will be sent by e-mail exclusively to university-issued e-mail addresses.

Copyright regulations

According to copyright law § 42a(2) the digital copy made may only be used for own school or private research purposes. Furthermore, § 42g permits the use in class and teaching practices, as well as making materials available to a limited group of students. The use of materials for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. Textbooks may not be reproduced.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information: