Albert Younas

Albert Younas
Albert Younas
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PhD Supervisor: Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Martin Rötting
PhD Co-Supervisor: Dr.inGunda Werner
Start: 2021
Topic/Title: The Christian minority of Pakistan. Social and Culture Shaping their Religious Situation


This dissertation aims to study and analyze the Social and Culture shaping the lives and religious situation of minorities in Pakistan. South Asia is a region where religious patriotism and mainstream supremacy have taken control of the business in all spares, including social, political in Pakistan. Pakistan is shuffles between the two extreme groups, a liberal Muslim and extremists Muslims, a theocratic state provides the majority Muslim with a privileged status at the cost of disadvantaged religious minorities. Christians are a significantly the minority group in Pakistan, who have played a very vital role in the social, political and economic development of Pakistan. The majority of Muslims in Pakistan are acutely aware of the valuable contribution which their non-Muslim compatriots (mainly Christian) have made and continue to make towards enriching the social life, socially, economically, politically and culturally.

Further, this dissertation aims to engage with critical discourse analysis of national (official) identity and an individual (religious) identity of Pakistan Christians and other minority groups. In the process, it seeks to explain the rise of Islamism in Pakistan during the past few decades its impact on the rising tide of sectarianism in Pakistan leading to the identity-based persecution of religious minorities. Islamists have a limited presence in majority politics and decision-making. However, they are dominant when it comes to the matter of religion and religious and national identity, for instance, Islamists have complete control over the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII).


Researcher/Speaker/Entrepreneur/Crypto Consultant

Teaching /Research Interests

Sociology of Religion, Theology/Religious Studies, Migration studies, Social issues, Intergroup Emotions, Liberation Theology, Personality Development, Psychology, Social Psychology, Human Motivation, Intergroup Relations, Self and Identity


  • Master of Arts ((Interdisciplinary) November 2014: University of Bonn, Germany
    “Thesis: Minority Church- Majority Church, Church of immigrants, social form of the Catholic in Pakistan, the Philippines, and the Filipino congregation in Germany”

  • Bachelor of Arts (Interdisciplinary) October 2012: Kalos M A College, Baguio City, The Philippines

  • Secondary School diploma (1995) Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi-Pakistan

Professional Affliction/ Service


Professional development

  • Certified Corporate Compliance Specialist (CCCS), Ethan Hathaway (accredited by BAC-UK),

  • Applied Psychology (Diploma) “matching marketing strategies to consumer’s personality, (Alison Course 11/17)

  • Participant, Second Crypto-currency Expo, Dubai- 10/2017

  • Anti-Money Laundering Certificate (AML-APAC)08/17

  • Participant “Inter-Cultural Training “International office, university of Bonn, November23-24, 2013

  • Speaker “Work Values/Ethic” Diocese of Baguio- Schools, Philippines, May 31-June 1, 2012

  • Speaker “Personality Development Seminar” Mary Immaculate School, Baguio City, Philippines, February 10, 2012

  • Participant “Unilab Health and Wellness Forum for Teachers” Baguio City, Philippines, February 22, 2012

  • Participant “School of Tomorrow, Educators Convention 2011” Baguio City, Philippines, July 26, 2011

  • Speaker “Personality Development Seminar Enneagram “The Philippine International Communicators” Baguio City, Philippines, February 19, 2011

  • Participant “TESOL Orientation” PIC, Baguio City, Philippines, December 4, 2010

  • Speaker “Personality Development Seminar” DepED, Angles City, Philippines, August 17-18, 2009


FAITH, FORGIVENESS, RELIGION AND WOMEN; Amazon publication, USA; ISBN 13: 978-1980277422 (February 2018)

PUT OUT INTO THE DEEP (A Journey of Faith); Lambert Publishing, Germany; ISBN 978-3-330-02050-4 (Dec 2016)

MINORITY CHURCH, MAJORITY CHURCH: Social Forms (Sociology of Religion); lambert publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany; ISBN 978-3-659-88935-6 (March 2016)

Comparative analogy of Forgiveness: A Sociological and Religious Perspective

Women and Religion (Sociological Analysis of statues of woman in Pakistan) in progress

Behind the Curtains of Religiosity (in progress)