Peter Ekumi Nekongo

Peter Ekumi Nekongo
Peter Ekumi Nekongo
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PhD Supervisor: Assoz. Prof. Dr. Martin Rötting
PhD Co-Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jude de lal Fernando
Start: 2020
Topic/Title: Boko Haram Challenges to Religious Identity and Interreligious Relations in the Sub-Saharan Regions of Africa



Boko Haram is a Nigerian influential Islamic religion sect that keeps challenging religious Identity and Interreligious relations in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2009. As Allah’s/God’s messengers with the Wahhabi’s-Ansaru’s Islamic doctrine’s sovereignty, they’re also using ammunitions in propagation. Blaming Nigerian system of poor governance, poor economic sustainability etc. And in destabilizing the government, they created an awareness of suicide bombing, kidnapping, shops looting etc, as their sources of revenue and hoping to dignify black Muslims Islamic state-Sharia. With no interest in developments, introduce their new religion nor support Interreligious relation’s morality as a dynamo of peace supplier to radiate love and unity; thus causing poverty, refugees etc, affecting their last country of invasion Cameroon since 2013. The study’s objectives to be compose of five chapters, aim at Investigating Boko Haram’s challenges. The methods include, primary, secondary, qualitative, quantitative random survey sources of paper questionnaires; the online empirical data collections etc.  The significance aims at contributing literature works, awareness of an African Islamic religious insurgency, (“Black African Islamic Religious Orders BAIRO”), evolving as an eye catches challenging these territories of Africa; while concluding with interpretation of results and recommendations.


10/2016- 07/2018

Master thesis topic: “Religious Violence and the Role of Interfaith Dialogue in Africa:  A Case study of the towns of Kolofata-Kerawa in the Northern Part of Cameroon.” Based on Intercultural Theological perspective, obtain at the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology (FIT) in Hermannsburg and the Georg-August-University Göttingen–Germany, (2018). The focus was typically on Islamic religious insurgency rising up daily within the northern part of Cameroon till date.

Apart from my teaching (1992-1995), catechetical, evangelical (1996-1998), and pastoral Ministry of Words and Sacraments, (2001 till date); I usually carry out other teaching activities like, leading counselling, peace process, conflicts resolution, of justice, socio-political, ecumenical cultural,  interreligious dialogue projection, with the combine efforts of my congregation on humanitarian support to communities, both collective and individuals etc.  


Bachelor Degree in Theology Thesis topic: The Churches’ Role in the Balue Society. After serving as Minister of words and Sacraments of the PCC and Chaplain of Colleges, representative of Ecumenical Movements, socio-political, state and civil society, involves in humanitarian activities, within the Balue tribal clans of the Oroko people after several years of services.

The PCC granted me study leave, were I obtained my Bachelors’ Degree in Theology from the Presbyterian Theological Seminary Kumba in Cameroon after (2009-2010). During those periods, I discovered that some major roles in the whole society were not properly favoured, and at times event the concept of women was feeble.  The write up was that, the Church, as the pacesetter brought enlightenment in the whole of the Balue society from 1928, I made it that during most of my teaching, sermons, workshops, seminars, etc. I was advocating and appealing for some roles be taking seriously by the church like, justification, corruption, and encouraging women to always take part in all spheres of life in a leading role. I saw the church to be as the only means of liberating a balance role in a society. Women were noted mostly when it comes to humanitarian role, general labour, farming cocoa breaking, but has limited force on education etc.

09/1998- 06/2001

Diploma Thesis: on the topic: The Impact of Presbyterianism with a Case Study within one of the oldest Missionary stations of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon PCC. I was investigating the work of the Basel Missionaries from Switzerland and Germany into West Africa. Why they have interest of the Gospel in the Rumpi forest area of Dikome Balue, a small remote village by then, in Ndian Division of the South West Province of Cameroon-Africa in 1900; when they came for the survey.  And in 1928, 28 years after, they came back to Dikome Balue and opened some Pastoral stations along side vernacular schools, needle workshops, agricultural; medical unites etc.

The Case Study was focus at one of the Stations of PCC Bisoro Balue that they also visited in 1928, and between, 1930-35, that station was also giving a Catechist status which drew my attention, I became one of the teachers of the Catechist Ministry, within 12 congregations of the PCC in Bisoro Balue Parish from1996-1998. Two years after the teaching that earned me a Diploma in Theology at the Presbyterian Theological College Itu Nigeria West Africa.

Working experience, other activities etc.   

As a clergy serving with the purpose of humanity with the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon PCC, for 25 years now in different capacities within; as Parish Pastor and Staff representative, etc. from 1996-2001.

 03/1996, attended other seminars/workshops like, the 7th Annual African Christian conference by Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship of America (USA) in Nigeria,

05/1997 Evangelist Training Workshop by the PCC at Kumba, Cameroon South West Region (SWR)

08/2004 Training of trainees of the National Election Observatory (NEO), by the Government of the Republic of Cameroon, as Divisional President of NEO representative in Ekondo titi Ndian Division (SWR).

2009-2015, position held, former Presbyterial Secretary of the PCC, otherwise known as Dean/Bishop, former Synod Committee member of the PCC, and at the same time a board member of both the PCC National Church and International Partnership Committee, of the Markgräflerland Presbytery in Lörrach-Germany, and at the same time serving as College Chaplain and former Examiner of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Examination Board (CGCEEB).

05/2011 and 04/ 2013, on other external functions assignments by the PCC as a Committee member, on special missions within and abroad, attending  other Churches’ meetings and represented the PCC in several International Partnership meetings of the PCC and the Markgräflerland Presbytery in Lörrach-Germany and in Basel-Switzerland, the head quarters of Mission 21. 

November 10th/11th 2018, represented the PCC at the World Inter-religious Dialogue Prayer Session for Peace Celebration. A special Inter-religious, Church service event in significance, commemorating the sad memories of the one hundred years of the end of the “Great War,” the First World War on November 11th, 1918, which took place at St. Peter’s Church in Leuven-Belgium.

Since October 2020, he has been a student member of the doctoral program; with last course presentation online on 10th March 2021, at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg.