Sarah Pieslinger

Mag. Sarah Pieslinger MA

Geboren am 25. Oktober 1994

Thema der Dissertation: Die Bedeutung „Spiritueller Influencer“ im Kontext gesellschaftlicher, religiöser und spiritueller Transformationsprozesse: Eine religionswissenschaftliche Perspektive am Beispiel von David Steindl Rast und Ayya Khema

Hauptbetreuer: Prof. Dr. Martin Rötting
Nebenbetreuer: Prof. Dr.  Judith Gruber

Beginn: 2021


About me

Knowledge production and transfer, critical reflection, inspiring exchange across disciplinary boundaries, discussing scientific approaches, writing papers, intensive work on research projects, participation in (international) conferences and research networks – This describes my most valued experiences of the last years studying Religious Studies, (Catholic) Theology and Communication Studies at the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg. In my doctoral research, I am particularly interested in the complex relations between spiritualities, religions, cultures and identities in the context of (societal) transformation processes.

Short description of my dissertation project

The dissertation project examines the relevance of so-called „Spiritual Influencers“ in the context of societal, religious and spiritual transformation processes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Using the example of David Steindl-Rast and Ayya Khema, it investigates the relevance of the networks and followers of spiritual influencers for contemporary social forms of religion. The aim is to develop a metatheoretical framework to identify the different stages of the process of influencing and, in a second step, to ask what role spiritual influencers play in the transfer of religious traditions.