Cell-Based Models of Human Mucosal Immunity with Multiple Commercial Applications

HUMUNITY (Cell-Based Models of Human Mucosal Immunity with Multiple Commercial Applications) is a PhD school which shall train young scientists in advanced human cell culture and analysis, and teach the processes for their translation into industrially-exploitable and medically-useful tools. The scientific goal is to develop advanced cell-biological models in which cultured human primary cells mimic the architecture and the interactions of the original tissue. Specifically, students will develop novel systems in which the innate inflammatory response to agents presented at mucosal surfaces (lung, gut) can be studied in both healthy and pathological conditions. These culture systems will deliver preclinical models with multiple applications, from testing of candidate therapeutics or health-promoting agents to screening for health risk from environmental or dietary contaminants. Collectively, these models shall robustly reproduce the reactivity of human tissues in vivo, thereby reducing significantly the need of animal experimentation. ©www.humunity.eu
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This project is supported by the European Commission