Masters Program

International Master Chemistry and Physics of Materials

Masters Chemistry and Physics of Materials

Technologies that address current global challenges rely heavily on materials development. Improving today’s materials as well as designing the next generation of materials requires profound knowledge and skills in natural sciences. The Masters program, Chemistry and Physics of Materials aims to train excellent Bachelor graduates from the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering in the synthesis, characterization and applications of materials. Special emphasis will be put on natural resources and environmental considerations such as sustainability. The program is a three semester program providing advanced technical preparation for a career in research and development as well as management and entrepreneurship. The program requirements are flexible in order to support students with diverse interests and career goals and will be taught in English by materials experts.

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A Selection of possible master’s theses

  • Arbeiten zum Thema Batterien und photokatalytische/photoelektrochemische Wasserspaltung – AG Funktionsmaterialien, nach Rücksprache mit Univ. Prof. Simone Pokrant
  • Thermal behaviour of CaSO4 phases (gypsum, bassanite, anhydrite): an integrated in-situ X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopic and kinetic study – Assoz. Prof. Günther Redhammer
  • NASICON -type compounds along the solid solution series LiTi2(PO4)3 – Li3Fe2(PO4)3: synthesis, diffraction (X-ray, neutron and synchrotron radiation), 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy and ionic conductivity – Assoz. Prof. Günther Redhammer
  • Recycling Plastics using Electrochemistry  – Assoz. Prof. Gilles Bourret
  • Gas-Phase CO2 (Photo-)Conversion into Chemical Fuels – Assoz. Prof. Gilles Bourret
  • Pushing the Detection Limit of Metal/Si SERS Sensors – Assoz. Prof. Gilles Bourret
  • The Morphophysics group is interested in understanding structure-function relationships in Biological and Bio-inspired materials, and in particular has a focus on studying the basic principles that control and direct growth and shape changes in these materials. We have experimental and theoretical projects in a broad range of topics ranging from: Understanding the role of curvature of cell migration, studies of materials in ecology, to biophysics of movement, to materials architectures. Feel free to contact us to find out more. – Univ. Prof. John Dunlop
  • Optische Materialien in der Natur – Univ. Prof. Bodo Wilts
  • Strukturfarben als Sensoren – Univ. Prof. Bodo Wilts
  • Interferenz als Erkennung – Univ. Prof. Bodo Wilts
  • Funktionsoptimierung photonischer Kristalle durch optische Modellierung – Univ. Prof. Bodo Wilts
  • Entwicklung und Aufbau neuer optischer Charakterisierungsmethoden – Univ. Prof. Bodo Wilts