Masters Chemistry and Physics of Materials

The Masters Chemistry and Physics of Materials curriculum is made up of a total of 90 ECTS points spread over 3 semesters. 27 ECTS points come from three compulsory modules (Chemistry of Materials, Physics of Materials and Materials Characterisation). A further 20 ECTS points comes from the selection of 2 of the 6 optional modules and 10 ECTS points made up from  courses from any recognised tertiary institution. The Masters theses, exam and seminars make up the rest of the points. Below are links to brief descriptions of all of the modules. The official curriculum is available in German in the following link:

Core Modules
Chemistry of MaterialsPhysics of MaterialsMaterials Characterisation
General Courses
Nanomaterials and InterfacesBiological Materials and EnvironmentMaterials, Minerals and Resources
Computational Materials ScienceIndustrial ManagementFree Elective Courses