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The last few decades have not only witnessed the emergence of new digital genres but also an upsurge in digital technologies in the study of language that PhD students are expected to master. Our doctoral college is geared towards developing skills that enable our PhD students to use innovative digital technologies and to study medially shaped language with the goal of producing research at an internationally competitive level. The doctoral college unites linguists active in three disciplines: sociolinguistics, multimodal text/discourse linguistics, and language acquisition research. It exclusively promotes work rooted in authentic interactional settings. In the college, we understand the ‘digital’ in three principled ways:

(1) The digital as method may range from new ways of collecting data to innovative digital methods of transcribing, automatic coding and analysing language in spoken or written form as well as the compilation of semiotically rich corpora, data sharing and online data dissemination.

(2) The digital as object of study focuses on the structure, function of, user competence in and attitudes towards new forms of medially shaped communication, such as texting, vlogging, etc.

(3) The digital as research result concerns digital tools based on language data, such as devices for querying and visualising data (e.g. interactive dialect maps or linguistic databases), apps to search existing corpora in novel ways, that help track language development, or digital learning tools and software programs for language learners.

Our doctoral college offers a stimulating environment for promising doctoral students, in which they experience outstanding supervision and individual guidance for every aspect of their project and in which they can expand their academic networks. By fusing three relatable linguistic disciplines and firmly anchoring them in the digital linguistics paradigm, we aim to build a working environment which produces invaluable synergies in approaches, thinking and project design. The college unites faculty members who have had much co-operative experience, who relate and interact well and who create a friendly and efficient collaborative environment that is firmly based on a civil and collegial code of conduct.

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