DSP-Research Group

Globale Kompetenz, Futures Literacy und Professionalität in der globalen Migrationsgesellschaft


This DSP Research Group of the University of Salzburg focuses on the study of vital knowledge bases and requirements for global competence and structures of futures literacy, as well as their systematic modelling, their empirical research, and their implementation in the context of professionals in various pedagogical fields in our global migration society. Approaching global competence and futures literacy in a transdisciplinary manner and applying a plurality of methods establishes a connection between different disciplines and foci of attention in line with the leading motifs of the University of Salzburg. Moreover, it becomes possible to incorporate technical, socio-scientific, competence oriented, qualitative and quantitative approaches with a clear focus on innovative theory formation.

Professionalism in research is understood as a paradigm of action for mastering the future that concerns fundamental and applied research, and the transfer and transformation of knowledge about human cohabitation in our socalled “Anthropocene” with focus on education. In this college, doctoral students develop sophisticated professionalism in research regarding contents and methods – as “futures literacy”. The students learn to redefine the significance of the dialogue between science and society, to formulate epistemologically viable research questions with relevance for the future, to recognize complex problems, to analyse transdisciplinary constellations of knowledge, to create and implement innovative methodologic designs, to design and evaluate future scenarios of action, to communicate and interact in volatile fields of action, and to develop solution-oriented action in collaborative working settings. Thus, a main objective is to conduct research as a means of societal problem solving.


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