Literature in Cultural Contexts


This doctoral programme in literary and cultural studies concerns itself with the linguistic and cultural diversity of literary phenomena, focusing on understanding the methods, theories and research paradigms that literary and cultural studies share across the disciplines.

The range of topics extends from classical models, literary and comparative literary studies, or poetical, semiotic and sociological questions, to newer cultural studies approaches and to areas of research extending beyond language, literature and culture, such as migration and post-colonialism, cultural semiotics and literary aesthetics, gender and queer studies, highbrow and popular fiction, identity and hybridity, memory and trauma, mediality and materiality.

Coordinated activities such as workshops, research days, panel discussions and guest lectures serve to give participants a broader insight into a variety of methods and theories and to stimulate both doctoral students and their advisors to exchange ideas with scholars across the traditional boundaries of their disciplines.

Currently, the following disciplines are involved in the programme:

  • English and American Studies
  • German Studies
  • Classical Studies 
  • Romance Studies
  • Slavonic Studies
  • Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies 

The programme offers doctoral students a framework in which they receive the encouragement and support they need to complete their projects on schedule. The considerable number of professors from the Faculty of Cultural Studies warrants the scholarly guidance and experienced help with possible problems arising when working on a doctoral thesis in literary studies.

The DSP Literature in Cultural Contexts (DSP-LKK) follows on from the DSP Aestetic Communication (DSP-AEK 2016-2021).

  • Fellows

    Thomas Assinger
    Topic: Poesie als Wissenschaft. Literarische und epistemische Kompetenz und Praxis um 1750 (German Language and Literature)
    Supervisor: Werner Michler

    Michael Fuchs
    Topic: Edition u Kommentierung von Ludovicus Demontiosius’ Traktat “Gallus Romae Hospes” (1585) (Classical Philology)
    Supervisor: Thomas Schirren

    Angelina Kucherova
    Topic: Poetry and Rap: Key Thematic Vectors and the Literary & Cultural Value of Artistic Self-Expression (Slavonic Studies)
    Supervisor: Peter Deutschmann

    Simone Lettner
    Topic: Stefan Zweigs Arbeitsweise unter Einbezug seiner Vermarktungsstrategien sowie von Autorschaftsbeteiligungen im Rahmen seines literarischen Netzwerkens (German Language and Literature)
    Supervisor: Werner Michler

    Bob Muilwijk
    Topic: Polens Januskopf: Czesław Miłosz und Zbigniew Herbert (Slavonic Studies)
    Supervisor: Peter Deutschmann

    Christina Seewald-Juhasz
    Topic: Auschwitz-Überlebende: Sprachblockaden im juristischen und erinnerungstextlichen Diskurs (Romance Languages and Literatures)
    Supervisor: Peter Kuon

    Christopher Spiegl
    Topic: Ästhetisierung des Autobiographischen im Werk von Ronald M. Schernikau (German Language and Literature)
    Supervisor: Werner Michler

    Clemens Woldan
    Topic: Die Wiener Komödie um 1900 (German Language and Literature)
    Supervisor: Werner Michler

    Oliver Zimmermann
    Topic: Portugal und Spanien im Dialog. Selbstverständnis und reziprokes Fremdbild Portugals und Spaniens in ausgewählter Dialogliteratur des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts (Romance Languages and Literatures)
    Supervisor: Christopher F. Laferl

  • Faculty

    Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.  Peter Deutschmann (DSP Coordinator)

    Ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Kathrin Ackermann-Pojtinger (Faculty Member)
    Assoz.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Carlos Agustín  Corti Arrarás (Faculty Member)
    Assoz.-Prof. Dr.  Uta Degner (Faculty Member)
    (cand.) Assoz.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Markus Ebenhoch (Faculty Member)
    Assoz.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Dorothea Flothow (Faculty Member)
    Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Eva Hausbacher (Faculty Member)
    Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Kuon (Faculty Member)
    Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Christopher Laferl (Faculty Member)
    Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Werner Michler (Faculty Member)
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Caitríona Ní Dhúill (Faculty Member)
    Assoz.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Clemens Peck (Faculty Member)
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Schirren (Faculty Member)
    Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Winter (Faculty Member)

  • DSP Board of Experts

    Prof. Dr. Christian Benne, Københavns Universitet, German and European literature and intellectual history, Denmark (EU)
    Prof. Dr. Anja Tippner, University Hamburg, Slavonic Studies, Germany (EU)
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Wagner, University of Vienna, Romance Languages and Literatures, Austria (EU)
    Prof. Dr. Juliane Vogel, Konstanz University, German Language and Literature, Germany (EU)

  • Successfully completed theses

    Philipp Kaysers
    Topic: Erinnern im russischen Futurismus (Slavonic Studies), Promotion am 3. März 2023
    Supervisor: Peter Deutschmann

    Marlen Mairhofer
    Topic: In Austausch begriffen. Ökonomien der Differenz bei Marlen Haushofer, Ingeborg Bachmann und Hélène Cixous [2023] [Erika-Weinzierl-Preis 2023], Promotion am 24. Februar 2023
    Supervisor: Werner Michler

    Romina Irene Palacios Espinoza
    Topic: Unübersetzbare Körpergraphie: Das Verhältnis Leib-Körper in Lina Meruanes fiktionalem Werk (Romance Languages and Literatures), Promotion am 2. Oktober 2023
    Supervisor: Christopher F. Laferl

  • Former members

    Lisa Koch
    Topic: Reflexionen über den Holocaust im zeitgenössischen Drama (German Language and Literature)
    Supervisor: Peter Kuon

    Magdalena Anna Mühlböck
    Topic: Europäisches Wissen über die außereuropäische Welt (German Language and Literature)
    Supervisor: Werner Michler