Doctoral Students (BioM)

DSP BioM: Overview 
Doctoral student Title Department
Lorenz Aglas BM4SIT – An Innovative Causal Therapy For Allergy:
Safe And Rapid Induction Of An Antiinflammatory Immune Response Using A Mutant Hypoallergen And Vitamin D3
Molecular Biology
Robert Behmüller The role of arabinokinase in the carbon supply for plant cells

Cellbiology and Physiology

Sabine Bernegger The activity and role of HtrA in Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis Molecular Biology
Isabel Josephin Hoppe Biochemical and structural investigations on bacterial collagenases Molecular Biology
Sara Huber Mapping antibody profiles of Bet v 1 and associated food allergens during allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) Molecular Biology
Eva Kakova Sugar kinases in plants Cellbiology and Physiology
Maria Köhler Analysis of the Role of Galactinol in Nematode Induced Syncytia Cellbiology and Physiology
Eva König Discovery and characterization of disease-related genetic variants Molecular Biology
Christof Regl Charakterisierung von monoklonalen Antikörpervarianten auf Protein und Peptidebene Molecular Biology 
Lisa Strasser Investigation of phospho-signaling in Cerebrolysin treated neuronal cells Molecular Biology 
Sabrina Wildner Structural and immunological characterization of biosimilars and allergens Molecular Biology