Doctoral Students (DSP DME)

DSP DME: Overview
Doctoral student Topic / Title Department
Josie Antonucci Environmental change, temporal heterogeneity and fragmented habitats Bioscience
Annika Busse Mechanisms and consequences of change in aquatic protist communities Bioscience
Karin Dollinger The “blessing” of golf courses: Landscape ecological and socioeconomic side effects of the golf course boom in Salzburg Geography and Gology
Marc Giménez  Maranges Sustainable water management is an essential component of sustainable development in eco-cities Geography and Geology
Ingo Hartmeyer Thermal Dynamics and gravitational mass movements in high-alpine bedrock – Developing and implementing a long-term monitoring of surface and subsurface processes, Kitzsteinhorn, Hohe Tauern Geography and Geology
Clemens Herrmüller Sport in the city Nature Geography and Geology
Ferdinand Hosner Leitergeschiebe Geography and Geology
Martin Lechleitner Functional responses of plant communities and plant-pollinator interactions to elevational gradients and climate change Bioscience
Boran Liu Metamorphic complexes in mountain belts: the Anziling metamorphic dome in the northeastern North China Craton vs. Alpine metamorphic domes. Geography and Geology
Flavia Domizia Nardi Ecogeography of sexual and apomictic ploidy cytotypes in Potentilla puberula (Rosaceae) – the importance of migration, habitat preferences and co-occurrence Bioscience
Ines Obermair Values in Climate Science and How to Justify Climate Decisions

Philosophy at the Faculty of Cultural & Social Sciences

Florian Peters Nature -related recreation in the city outskirts of Salzburg. What role does nature play in the context of recreation?  Geography and Geology
Manfred Scheikl Leitergeschiebe Geography and Geology
Andreas Zechner Das Ende des Steinbocks. Anthropogene und natürliche Ursachen für das Verschwinden der letzten autochthonen Steinwildpopulation der Ostalpen im Zillertal zu Beginn des 18. Jahrhunderts History