PhD Students (Cognitive Neuroscience)

Dissertation Projects

Rebekka SchnepperNeural correlates of emotional eating in Bulimia NervosaCCNS

Barbara Scheiber

Cognitive and psychosocial interventions in displaced individuals


Björn PannikeEmotional Eating and Physical ActivityCCNS
Tamara ÖlschusterAcquisition of Emotional Valence in ChildrenCCNS
Lucas RainerAffective Processing in ReadingCCNS
Fabian SchwimmbeckFrom single-cell recordings to oscillations in invasive recordingsCCNS
Michael HuemerMental files theory of cognitive developmentCCNS
Nina PichlerPerspective taking abilities in children with autism spectrum disordersCCNS
Jonas DiekmannDiscourse Processing: Shedding Light On Inferential RelationsCCNS, Linguistics

Simone Treuter  

Eine smartphone-basierte Intervention zur Prävention psychischer Störungssymptomatik nach belastenden Ereignissen bei Einsatzkräften und Mitarbeitern der Agentur für Arbeit

FB Psychology
Florian BruckbauerProspective risk factors in the development of posttraumatic stress symptoms after neurosurgical procedures on the brain and spineFB Psychology
Sarah NasroueiFear extinction deficits as an early marker of Alzheimer’s diseaseFB Psychology
Laila FrankeCan’t take the trauma out of my mind and body: how Pavlovian conditioning and gonadal hormones influence intrusive memory formation in the visual and somatosensory domainFB Psychology
Moritz KöhlerTop-down attentional control of the auditory cortex on outer hair cells CCNS