Keratso Georgiadou

Dr. Keratso Georgiadou
Gender Studies – Lehrbeauftragte am Schwerpunkt

Universität Salzburg
Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 (0) 662 / 8044-4235


Dr Keratso Georgiadou holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Ioannina. She has received her Master’s degree in Gender, Education and New Technologies from the DPESED of the University of the Aegean and her PhD from the ELED of the Democritus University on „The role of computer education in the empowerment of Muslim minority women: pathways to their social participation“. Her research interests include: intercultural interaction and communication – gender and new technologies, minority groups in intercultural contexts, gender and social exclusion, intercultural research methods in social sciences, psychometric methods, research methodology.

Publikationen (Auswahl)

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