Hermann Klug

Hermann Klug
Associate Professor | Head of Landscape Lab

Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences | Department of Geoinformatics
Schillerstr. 30, Building 15, 3rd Floor, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Tel.: +43 662 8044 7561
Fax.: +43 662 8044 7560

Web: https://www.plus.ac.at/zgis/klug

Research Interests

Research Interests Hermann Klug [ EN] | Science from A to Z [ EN]

 Landscape Lab | Landscapes are inherently complex and continuously changing. To discover the transdisciplinary drivers of change in a holistic-integrated view is part of the addressed challenges SMART Hydro and SMATR Biking.

 SMART Hydro | A web services framework combines existing geospatial methods to deliver an ‘Automated Geosynthesis’ approach. Data is streamed through a wireless sensor network, delivering real-time environmental information and makes it available as indicators for immediate decision-making. Of particular interest are heavy rainfall and snow melting events. These are expected to increase in future and have a direct impact on nutrient emissions from agricultural land to the surface water bodies, which are studied in the Mondsee catchment to the east of Salzburg.

 SMART Biking | Humans are using landscapes for leisure activities and sports. One particular interest of the Landscape Lab staff is SMART Biking. We analyse the impacts of mountainbiking on landscapes and we apply geospatial techniques to increase the performance of cross country riders on uphill or downhill tracks with real-time spatio-temporal measurements taken from wearables and bike sensors.