University courses

  • Advanced remote sensing 
  • Object-based image analysis (online course)
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Spatial analysis (focus: remote sensing workflows)
  • Global problems and challenges
  • GeoHumanitarian action
  • Scientific methods and writing
  • Landscape structure analysis
  • Systems thinking in spatial representations

PhD Theses (main supervisor)

  • Csillik, Ovidiu “Spatio-temporal object-based image analysis for land-use/land-cover mapping” [completed]
  • Olaf Kranz, University of Salzburg: “Earth Observation for Population Monitoring and the Assessment of Environmental Changes related to Conflict Situations in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo” [completed]
  • Sudmanns, Martin “Spatio-temporal big Earth data” [ongoing]
  • Riedler, Barbara “Habitat quality indicators” [ongoing]
  • Dabiri, Zahra “Object-based hyperspectral habitat mapping” [ongoing] 
  • Strasser, Thomas “Integrated EO-based habitat mapping and modelling in alpine areas” [ongoing]

MSc Theses (selection, not including UNIGIS)

  • Desrousseaux, Xavier, “Liveability assessment in a Rohingya refugee camp, Shamlapur, Bangladesh“, 2019
  • Lettner, Stefanie “Sentinel-2 based monitoring of change dynamics in a large-scale refugee camp – the example of Kutupalong (Bangladesh)“, 2019
  • Jeremias, Peter “A PostGIS data model for refugee-/IDP camp monitoring“, 2018
  • Abdelhameed, Lisan “Analysis of the impact of armed conflict on forest vegetation in the Jebel Marra region in the Western Sudan using spectral angle mapper classification”, 2018
  • Khalmurzayeva, Gulnur “Grid-based spatio-statistical analysis of the Salzkammergut region in Austria“, 2017
  • Gerasch, Simon “Detection of agricultural drainage systems using UAS imagery and SfM photogrammetry“, 2017
  • Brandner, Barbara “Master geometry for biotope mapping in alpine regions”, 2017
  • Anyyeva, Aynabat “Extraction and 3D characterization of green features in urban areas from Pléiades image”, 2016
  • Imanalieva, Perizat “Object-based change assessment of Petrov glacier and its surroundings between 1974 and 2014 in the Ak-Shyirak massif”, 2016
  • Kulessa, Kerstin “Generating a digital surface model from Pléiades tri-stereo satellite imagery for urban areas – quality and usability using the example of the city of Salzburg“, 2016
  • Riedler, Barbara “Assessing riparian forest quality with geons – a spatially explicit composite indicator based on EO data“, 2015
  • Friedl, Barbara “Combination of TerraSAR-X and SPOT-5 data for object-based landslide detection in Southern Taiwan“, 2013
  • Hagenlocher, Michael “Assessing the impact of IDP / refugee camps on the state of the environment“, 2010

UNIGIS distance learning modules
Landscape Analysis with GIS

Training and capacity building

  • ESA Courses Earth observation and remote sensing
  • Environmental Management with GIScience (Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology, 2005 – 2007)
  • GIS basico I, II & avancao, ArcGIS, Data models (Universidade Catolica de Mocambique, 1999 – 2005)