The Research group Methods and Evaluation focuses on questions of teaching, research, and application.

Teaching. The teaching of statistics and methods in the Department of Psychology is mainly carried out by the members of the Group. The coordination of the teaching activities and the development of the contents is a central task. Current questions in this context can go well beyond actual teaching. Among them are questions such as: Online teaching in methodology education – what, how, why?; alternatives to standard software – does it always have to be SPSS? Comparisons with R, JAMOVI, JASP,…

Research. The Group is also active in research. We investigate questions of general methodology, specific methods, and metascience.  In addition, we contribute to the discussion of current developments related to the replication crisis. Additional areas are:

  • Open Science: methods and procedures to increase transparency in science.
  • Meta-Science: possibilities and limitations, strengths and weaknesses of the current fashion of inferential statistics through significance testing.
  • Specifically: examining and documenting research access and performance in the Department of Psychology.

Administration/Application. The WG also sees itself as a player in methods development beyond the Department of Psychology, at least at the university level. Activities in this regard include:

  • Developing a methodology network to share experiences with methodologists in other departments at PLUS.
  • Developing a framework for possible methodological consulting as a service at PLUS, e.g., as a point of contact for statistical problems.


AG Methoden Team