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Division of Social Psychology

In the Divisiont of Social Psychology, we devote ourselves to researching processes of motivated social cognition (see “Our Research“), as well as to the transfer of our knowledge into practice (see “Social Interaction in Practice“). In our studies and teaching, we train students in depth in social-psychological theories and phenomena and teach them practical skills on the subject of social interactions in business and society (see “Studies and teaching“).

Research Focus

    Experimental Existential Psychology (XXP), Social Neuroscience and Threat Management:

  •         Perception, experience and dealing with psychological threats
  •         Testing and improvement of the General Process Model of Threat and Defense
  •         Identifying neural correlates of threat perception
  •         Developing interventions to encourage constructive response to threats

    Approach in social interactions:

  •         Basic research on social interactions
  •         Transfer from basic research to application in real interactions
  •         Mechanisms of action of counseling formats
  •         Psychological processes in change processes
  •         Research on consulting formats such as coaching, mentoring and training
  •         Support for students as part of PLUSTRACK

    Consumer and Social Cognition:

  •         Social Cognition
  •         Cognitive Fluency
  •         Mental Representations
  •         Level of Construction
  •         Consumer Psychology

You can find more information on the research topics and focal points on the relevant subpages.