Division of Physiological Psychology

Welcome to the homepage of the Physiological Psychology division of the University of Salzburg. We are a collection of groups centred around the question how neurophysiological processes may underly behavioural and mental states. A unifying aspect of our research is a strong focus on electrophysiological approaches such as MEG and (intracranial) EEG. For more information click on the link of the respective working groups below.

Head of division: Prof. Nathan Weisz
Contact: Hellbrunnerstr. 34, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Administration: Sabine Stummvoll

•      Salzburg Brain Dynamics Lab (Weisz-Lab)
•      Sleep Lab (Schabus-Lab)
•      Signal Processing and Statistics (Gruber-Lab)
•      Klimesch Emeritus Group