Pint of Science 2024

On May 15, Salzburg joins hundreds of cities hosting the international science festival “Pint of Science”, where researchers will leave their labs and share their findings with people in their local pub, bar or cafe. Among them Dr. J. Lukas Thürmer, who will give insights on his latest work on group processes and their influence on the climate crisis. Enjoy a drink or two in a relaxed atmosphere while you find out about the psychological processes driving us apart, and how we can nevertheless attain our climate-action and other societal goals.

For further information see  https://pintofscience.at/event/pint-of-science-english-night-2


We are delighted to receive the START Prize 2023 from the Austrian Science Fund!

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected in this year’s FWF selection process for the START Prize. This funding of 1.1 million euros will allow us to investigate the dynamic interaction within groups in detail. In particular, we aim to understand why groups often fail to utilize deviant performances, information, and criticism. Using cutting-edge technologies such as mobile eye-tracking and AI analyses, we intend to precisely capture and analyze the dynamic collaboration within groups.

Dr. J. Lukas Thürmer gewinnt START-Preis 2023


Political and Intercultural Psychology

The goal in our team Political and Intercultural Psychology is to understand the basic group processes that drive our everyday life, including how we interact with people of different backgrounds, make political decisions, and decide what is best for us. In our research, we currently focus on collective planning, criticism within and between groups and group reactions to low performers. This goal also guides our teaching and within the meaning of third mission we share our research findings with news outlets and the public.

Team PIP