Team AOW

Head of Division: Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Eva Traut-Mattausch
Secretary: Isobel Klier, BA

Office Hours Secretary:

  • Monday: 8am until 11:30am (working from home – contactable via E-Mail)
  • Tuesday: 8am until 3pm
  • Wednesday: 8am until 10:30am 
  • Thursday: 8am until 3pm

Consultation Hours:

  • Tuesday: 9am until 10am
  • Thursday: 1pm until 2pm

Telephone Consultation Hours:

  • Tuesday: 1pm until 2pm
  • Wednesday:  08:30am until 09:30 am
  • Thursday: 12pm until 1pm


Hellbrunnerstrasse 34 │ 5020 Salzburg

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

The  PsychoEconomic Research Lab (PERL) deals with issues within the field of Work, Organzational and Economic Psychology. Research topics include: the interaction of demands and resources and their impact on employees’ health and performance, the effectiveness of various types of counseling as human resource development tools, causes and impact of impostor phenomenon in the workplace and to what extent various perspectives cause changes in economic behavior. We combine experimental laboratory research with research from within the field, in order to be able to respond to current challenges in the workplace.

Research-based master and doctoral theses are based on the latest research projects. Doctoral theses are integrated in the DSP Research Group Brain, Behaviour and Health

The PsychoEconomic Reserach Lab (PERL) includes 3 laboratories.

PERL NEURO LAB Room: A-2.047
Contact: Constantin Speitel, BSc. MSc.

Contact: Constantin Speitel, BSc. MSc.

PERL VIDEO LAB Room: A-2.044
Contact: Sabine Eichbauer