PLUSTRACK is a research project funded (originally under the name On Track!) by the  BMBWF and the University of Salzburg.

The goal is to improve the social networking of students and support them in difficult phases of their studies with the long-term aim of improving their identification with their own studies and the university. For this purpose, a community network platform is being developed, which will make it easier for first-year students to start their studies, as well as offering appropriate support to students and teachers in the higher semesters.

In addition, various mentoring, coaching, and training programs will ensure that students are optimally supported throughout their studies.



For more information on the project and all updates, please visit the project homepage (German version only):




Erste Seite des Hefts: Digitale und soziale Transformation, Ausgewählte Digitalisierungs-vorhaben an öffentlichen Universitäten 2020 bis 2024Study delays and inactivity in studies can have many causes.

One reason for delays and loss of motivation in studies can be that students do not feel comfortable in their studies. This is especially true for students who come from a non-academic family environment. Our project aims to strengthen students’ sense of belonging to the university and identification with their studies by supporting social contact between students and encouraging role model exchanges.

We are working on a community networking platform that will facilitate social exchange between students and encourage reflection with their own learning experiences.

As part of a student mentoring project tailored specifically to the student’s own field of study, digital tools are being used and further developed to provide students with targeted support. This creates a basis that is firmly anchored in the real social world but makes optimal use of the opportunities offered by digitization. This not only helps in their personal and social development, but also increases their chance of academic success.

As part of the learning-teaching digitization, courses are digitized and evaluated to sustainably improve distance learning and provide teachers with best practice examples.

To provide access to the university for as many students as possible, we also carry out student mentoring.