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Protective Measures against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the current situation, SCEUS classes will partly be held in online-teaching. The classes taking place in presence require special  safety measures. Check Plusonline to see which mode applies to which class.
Regarding Covid prevention, the university follows the 3G rule: Genesen (recovered), Geimpft (vaccinated), Getestet (valid, negative test result). This means that everyone has to provide proof at the beginning of each class or meeting that he or she is vaccinated, recovered or newly tested! Keep a 3G proof at hand; only officially recognised certificates are accepted. It is recommended to install the Grüner Pass app (English: Green Passport) from the Ministry of Health (or the equivalent app from another EU country) to allow for faster checks. Printed certificates are also valid. In addition to the 3G certification, ID is required. Remember also that in corridors and common spaces (lift, toilets, corridors, etc.) a FFP2 mask is also required.


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