Are there any restrictions concerning the access to the master programe European Union Studies? How can I apply?
There are limited places available and a special application is necessary. All information can be found here.

Which study programmes qualify me for EUS?
To apply for the Master Programme in European in Union Studies, students have to hold a Bachelor’s (or higher) degree. In general, all university study programmes qualify students for the master programme (except the fine and performing arts). Students holding a degree from universities of applied sciences qualify for the master programme in European Union Studies, if they have studied legal, social science or economic subjects.

Are there any tuition fees?
Students from the European Union or european Economic Area currently do not have to pay any tution fees. For further information on tuition fees, also for students of Non-EU-Members, please check further info on the webpage of the International Office and contact the Admissions Department.

What is the duration of the master programme?
The minimal duration of the programe is four semesters. During the fourth semester the master thesis has to be written and does not require permanent presence at the university. A career entry at this time, parallel to the programme, is therefore possible.

What is the language of education?
The language of education is English.

Which academic degree is conferred after completing the programme?
After completion of the master thesis and passing the final master exam the title MA in European Union Studies is conferred to successful participants. Additionally to the certificate you may receive a diploma supplement in English.

Which courses do I have to take?
Please read our Study Guide thoroughly. It contains all important informations.

I am a student from a foreign country and new in Salzburg and at Salzburg university – where do i get information?
International students will find all information about living and studying in Salzburg in our Survival Guide.

Also a useful adress for any student questions is the  Austrian Student´s Union (ÖH).