Erasmus Outgoing

What is the Erasmus program?

Stays abroad, language skills and the willingness to be mobile increase the job and career opportunities of sociology graduates. The Sociology Curriculum Commission therefore strongly recommends that students plan a stay abroad during their bachelor’s degree.As part of the EU’s Erasmus program, sociology students can study at partner institutes in numerous European countries. This gives you extensive opportunities to complete parts of your studies abroad, with the legal guarantee that the exams taken there will be recognized for your studies in Austria. Good practice ensures that this is possible without loss of study time.

Information and Advice
Ass.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aschauer
Appointment: Wed, 14:00-15:00

What is funded?

  • The mobility of students is promoted.
  • The principle of secured mutual recognition of certificates applies.
  • It is possible to obtain a special degree, the duration of the stay at a partner institute should then be two semesters if possible.
  • Subsistence costs are funded.
  • Travel expenses are funded.
  • Costs for language preparation are funded.



Information on applying for sociology academic year 2024/ 25 for download.

Application deadline for places in the school year 2024/ 2025 is 15th of March, 2024!

For individual advice, please contact Assoz.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aschauer.

The following information must be provided or confirmed in the informal letter of application:
1. Letter of motivation for the desired stay abroad (approx. 1 page) including:

  • State the field of study and the current semester
  • Selection of the desired university and the desired semester (preferably a priority order of three universities)
  • Information on language skills (English or language of the host country)
  • Motivation via language course on site or at home university
  • Brief information about the financing of the stay abroad
  • previous experience abroad
  • Information on expected study progress through the stay abroad

2. Certificates of previous exams in sociology (copy of the updated exam pass with details of all courses completed)
3. a CV and photo

Criteria for nomination

  • Availability of study places
  • Proof of achievement and grade point average in sociology

This call for Erasmus grants is subject to the approval of the requested activities of the department by the European Commission.