Eva Leick

  • Department: Musicology and Dance Studies 
  • Supervisors: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nicole Haitzinger, Ass.Prof. Dr. phil Kendra Stepputat, Univ.-Prof. Dr. MA Nils Grosch
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Benefits of Dancing Khaita Joyful Dances: The Promotion of Peace, Presence and Collaboration through Tibetan Modern Dances

Khaita – Joyful Dances is a dance and singing practice based on Tibetan songs and dances that the Buddhist master and Tibetan scholar Namkhai Norbu introduced in 2011. I investigate three major aspects of Khaita: Its cosmopolitanism, translocality and -culturality, its connection to Tibetan culture and its benefits for dancers. Thereby I focus on its intention of fostering presence and awareness, well-being, joy and its contribution to (world) peace. While mainly based in the discipline of dance studies, I follow an interdisciplinary approach in my research project, drawing on dance studies, cultural and mobility studies, ethnography and -musicology.