Louisa Hutzler

  • Department: Musicology and Dance Studies 
  • Supervisors: Univ.-Prof. Dr. MA Nils Grosch, Dr. Ulrike Präger
  • Contact:


Transculturality in Musical Practice: Artistic Participation in Multiethnic Ensembles

Musical practice in transcultural ensembles shows in what way social change through migration is perceived by musicians with and without migration biographies and translated into processes of musical change. When investigating connections between artistic interaction and social structures within these ensembles, music provides a special approach to the theoretical understanding of these processes. On the one hand, the examination of the artistic work of transcultural music groups raises questions about translation between musical systems as well as the handling of cultural parameters of musical stylistics. On the other hand, the significance of the origin and musical experiences of the actors is central. Based on my ethnographic studies of multi-ethnic ensembles, I describe how these questions are negotiated in the concrete moments of musicking and thus approach a new generation of „world musicians“ who shift stylistic and genre boundaries and whose musical expression is also connected to current postcolonial discourses. In this context, the question of the discursive embedding of these ensembles in the public arises.