Theresa Klinglmayr 

  • Department: Communication Studies
  • Supervisors:Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Herdin; Assoz.Prof. PD MMag. Dr. Wolfgang Aschauer
  • Contact:


Resonance in intercultural encounters: Perspectives on communication in pluralised societies

In pluralised societies shaped by migration processes, concepts of ‘the intercultural’ that rely on understandings of homogeneous national cultures need to be broadened in favour of a more extensive approach that addresses the complexity of encounters with different others. In my project, I examine issues of intercultural communication on discursive, interpersonal, and subjective levels. By conducting group discussions, not only encounters themselves, but also the discursive negotiations of intercultural coexistence are addressed. I draw on the framework of resonance combined with critical approaches in order to focus on the beidseitig], affective grounded process of intercultural communication.