Profile & focus

The central task of the UBS is to support the members of the University of Salzburg in research, teaching and studies. UBS was one of the first university libraries in Austria to take important steps towards a “hybrid” library: the digital media stock was successively built up, the analogue general catalogue was digitised and an open access strategy and its implementation at the PLUS were significantly advanced.

In 2011 and 2017, two library locations (the UNIPARK and Itzling sub-libraries), both designed according to the latest international standards, were opened. The further development processes of the UBS and their implementation as well as the implications of the associated quality management were passed on to an international audience of experts at congresses.

The historical period of the Nazi era was illuminated in the course of a scientific project, the book inventory was examined for possible looted property during the Nazi era, and books and graphics, insofar as they could be reconstructed, were restituted beginning in 2012.

In recent years, the UBS has increasingly opened up as a place of free access to knowledge, information and culture beyond the university boundaries. It makes its expertise in conveying information and media competence, its competent service, its diverse infrastructure and its excellent information services available to users, especially in the city and province of Salzburg.