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The team Biostatistics & Big Medical Data combines statistical and data science know-how in the areas of clinical and preclinical experimental design, bioinformatics and big medical data. It supports data-driven biostatistical and biomedical consulting and research, development of medical and health products and services, implementation of evidence-based medicine as well as personalisation of medicin and pharmaceutics.


Postdoc-Position: Georg Zimmermann

Bild G. Zimmermann

Dr. Georg Zimmermann is leading the Team Biostatistics and Big Medical Data at Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg. For several years, he has been doing research on various methodological and biostatistical topics (e.g., small samples, evidence-based medicine). He also has much experience in working together with clinicians and other subject-matter experts from the Life Sciences (e.g., neuroscience, dermatology) in applied interdisciplinary projects, both at the national and at the international level. His main task within the IDA Lab are to foster methodologically oriented cooperations with Paracelsus Medical University / University Hospital Salzburg, to initiate collaborative projects with other institutions in the Salzburg area (especially with PLUS), and to establish joint projects at the international level.

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Predoc-Position: Konstantin Thiel (EBStatMax)

Bild K. Thiel

Konstantin Thiel MSc studied Data Science in Salzburg, specializing in statistics and similarity search in databases. In his Master’s thesis, he developed clustering algorithms for very large datasets in collaboration with Celonis SE. In addition to his studies, he already gained extensive work experience in software development and data analysis at Bosch Austria. He has also been active in teaching and database research. Moreover, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from BOKU Vienna and enjoys interdisciplinary work in diverse teams. He is currently working in the EBStatMax project and completing his PhD studies in nonparametric statistics.

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Predoc-Position: Martin Geroldinger (EBStatMax, BeSt Covid19)

Bild M. Geroldinger

Martin Geroldinger joined the team in 2020 as a Research Statistician. During the last years he had the opportunity to work in international projects and research groups, especially in the field of rare diseases (small sample sizes) and nonparametric statistics.  Besides his master’s degree in mathematics, he completed a teaching degree in parallel and gained work experience in the industry as project manager, data scientist and consultant.  Furthermore, he teaches applied statistics and quantitative research at departments of PLUS and PMU.  Currently, he is conducting his doctoral research in the field of nonparametric statistics and is involved in various (inter)national projects.

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