Smart Analytics & Reinforcement Learning – PLUS

The team Smart Analytics & Reinforcement Learning focuses on application-oriented basic research in the fields of machine learning, statistics and control theory. The applications cover a wide spectrum, both in the industrial and digital area, and enable new approaches to solutions for various current problems in process and decision optimisation.


Postdoc-Position: Simon Hirländer

Simon Hirländer © Daniela Koeppl 2023Dr. Simon Hirländer is leading the team „Smart Analytics & Reinforcement Learning“. He has several years of experience in research in the international environment of CERN, where he also obtained his PhD. In his recent work he was concentrating on the optimization of the performance of the CERN particle accelerator complex using machine-learning techniques, especially applied reinforcement learning.

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Predoc-Position: Sabrina Pochaba

Bild S. Pochaba

Sabrina Pochaba completed her Master’s degree in mathematics at Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. In her master thesis she analyzed a system of partial differential equations searching for pattern formation. Currently, she is working with neural networks and machine learning in the team Communication Technologies at SRFG.

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