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The team Space & Mobility targets the extension of „traditional“ methods and technologies of geoinformatics, like spatial potential analyses, network analyses, spatial statistical methods or overlay techniques, with data-analytical methods of data science for economically and socially relevant questions in an innovative and application-oriented way. A main focus is digitalized and networked mobility in the context of natural environment & health.


Postdoc-Position: Thomas Prinz

Bild T. PrinzDr. Thoams Prinz is the leader of the team Space & Mobility. As a geographer / geoinformatician at the University of Salzburg he has special access to spatial data bases and spatial analysis methods. His central research focus is the fundamental development of decision-supporting indicators, especially in the areas of mobility and spatial development. In recent years, he has implemented numerous research projects in the Research Studio iSPACE Smart Settlement Systems with public authorities and companies in the context of sustainable mobility, Alpine construction and site development.

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Predoc-Position: Maximilian Kiefel (Alm & Gesundheit)

Bild M. KiefelMaximilian Kiefel completed the Master’s degree in Mathematics and has worked alternately in teaching, research, and administration at  PLUS. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Data Science with focus on non-parametric inference methods for multivariate observations. He is particularly interested in implementation and application.

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Postdoc-Position: Anna Kovács-Győri (Flughafen 4.0)

Bild A. Kovács-GyőriAs a geographer, Anna Kovács-Győri finished her doctoral studies in applied geoinformatics at the Doctoral College GIScience (PLUS) in 2020, where she investigated how urban form and functions along with various socio-economic factors define and affect the liveability of cities, using various GIS and spatiotemporal analysis methods. At the IDA Lab she focuses on projects at the intersection of the quality of urban life and spatial data science.

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Masterstudent: Magdalena Tovilo (Flughafen 4.0)

M. Tovilo, © privat

Magdalena Tovilo completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at PLUS in 2021 and has since been studying the masters programme in Data Science. Since March 2023, she has participated in the Airport 4.0 project as a research assistant as part of her master’s thesis.

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