Module – Biological Materials and Environment

Biological Materials and Environment

Materials Science plays an important role in living systems. From the perspective of biology, Nature has evolved and uses a multitude of high performance multi-functional materials such as bone and wood. In medicine synthetic materials are known to influence and interact with living cells which is a topic of fundamental importance in the design of medical implants. Materials also have an impact on the environment, as raw materials need to be sourced somewhere within the environment and then recycled at the end of their life cycle. These topics will be investigated in this module. Students will get an insight into structure function relationships of biological materials and how these can be used for bio-inspired materials design. The module will also introduce students into the basics of life-cycles of materials in our environment a topic of increasing interest in todays society.

Module Content (10 ECTS)
Course Name Hours ECTS Semester

Biomaterials (Lecture)

2 2 1
Materials and Environment (Lecture) 2 2 2
Biochemistry (Lab Course) 2 4 1

Bio-Nano Interaction (Lecture)

2 2 2

Carbon Materials (Lecture)

2 2 1

Geomaterials (Lecture)

2 2 2
Resource Management, Recovery and Recycling (Lecture)2 2 2