Module – Chemistry of Materials

Module Chemistry of Materials

The module “Chemistry of Materials” involves the use of chemistry for the design and synthesis of inorganic and polymeric materials with interesting and/or potentially useful physical characteristics. The module will introduce students to most common and important synthetic approaches to various classes of materials (glasses, ceramics, polymers, etc.). In addition, typical materials chemistry experiments and problems, such as how to use scientific literature and chemical databases, chemical drawing programs, as well as experimental problems will be addressed in student project works. As an important part of the module, students will be introduced to health, safety and regulation issues regarding chemical substances.

Module Content (9 ECTS)
Course Name Hours ECTS Semester
Chemistry of Materials 1 (Lecture) 3 3 1
Chemistry of Materials 1 (Lab) 2 2 1
Chemistry of Materials 2 (Lecture) 2 2 2
Health, Safety and Regulation (Lecture) 2 2 2