Module – Industrial Management

The aim of the module “Industrial Management” is to give the student theoretical insights and practical tools within the area of management and organisation of industrial corporations. Further, the course will provide the student with different perspectives in order to understand the phenomena of management and organisation. The module will deal the distinctive character of industrial operations, organization and human resource management, leadership, strategic planning, marketing, accounting, finance and investment. In addition, aspects of sustainable development and resource management as well as recovery and recycling of materials will be discussed in a holistic approach.

Module Content
Course Name Hours ECTS Semester

Industrial Management 1 (Lecture + Exercises)

2 3 1

Industrial Management 2 (Lecture + Exercises)

2 3 2

Industrial Management 3 (Lecture)

1 1 2

Sustainable Development (Lecture + Exercises)

1 2 2
Resource Management, Recovery & Recycling (Lecture) 2 2