Module – Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization

A comprehensive characterization of the composition and the structure of materials requires the application of a broad range of ever more sophisticated analytical methods. Material scientists therefore need to have a broad general view of available methods and their capabilities as well as specialized knowledge on the most relevant techniques. In this module students will get acquainted with the theoretical and practical aspects of modern methods in diffraction, microscopy, thermal analysis and spectroscopy.

Module Content (13 ECTS)
Course Name Hours ECTS Semester

MC1 – Scattering and Diffraction (Lecture + Exercises)

3 4 1

MC2 – Microscopy (Lecture + Exercises)

2 3 2

MC3 – Thermophysical Properties & Thermal Analysis   (Lecture)

2 2 2

MC4 – Elemental Analysis & Spectroscopy  (Lecture + Exercises)

3 4 2