Module – Nanomaterials and Interfaces

Nanomaterials and Interfaces

Self-cleaning surfaces, light-emitting particles, electrochromic films, powerful battery materials, highly active catalysts… This module deals with the impact of morphology, structure and composition of nanomaterials on their physical, chemical and functional properties.  Students will use the most important methods for the synthesis and preparation of porous materials, nanoparticles, coatings and ceramics featuring well-defined electrical, optical, structural and mechanic properties. Using physical and chemical models, interfacial processes at natural and synthetic nanomaterials will be described and their relevance for industrial exploitation will be discussed. Finally, students will get familiar with modern analytical methods for the characterization of nanomaterials and interfacial processes.

Module Content (15 ECTS)
Course Name Hours ECTS Semester

Nanomaterials and Synthesis (Lecture)

2 2 2

Carbon Materials (Lecture)

2 2 1
Interface Science and Engineering (lecture) 2 2 1

Nanotechnology (Lecture)

2 2 1

Surface Characterisation Techniques  (Lecture)

1 1 2
Materials Synthesis (II) (Lab Course) 4 6 1