Module – Physics of Materials

Physics of Materials

An important aspect of materials research is to investigate physical properties of materials from the fundamental point of view and set these into the context of potential applications. The module teaches the link between physical properties and mechanisms in solid state physics and their utilization in functional materials. Topics of focus include fundamental properties and mechanisms in solid state physics, among others electronic properties of semiconductors indespensible for creating todays electronic devices, magnetic properties not only relevant for data storage as well as structure and bonding in materials energy storage. Another focus are nano materials and their use in the chemical industry as catalysts. The module also provide an introduction to intellectual property rights with special consideration of the patent system.

Module Content (6 ECTS)
Course Name Hours ECTS Semester
Physics of Materials (Lecture) 3 3 1
Functional Materials (Lecture) 2 2 1
Intellectual Property Rights (Lecture) 1 1 2