Doctoral Students (DSP MARS)

DSP MARS: Overview
Doctoral student Topic / Title Department
Alireza Abyaneh Performance Optimization of Concurrent Memory Management Systems Computer Sciences
Sebastian Arming Algorithms for (convex) behavioural semantics of probabilistic systems Computer Sciences
Andreas Bilke Analysis and modelling of real networks Computer Sciences
Alexander Bors Über Dynamische Aspekte von Endomorphismen endlicher Gruppen Mathematics
Andreas Byfut Aspects of hp-Adaptive Generalized Finite Element Methods Mathematics
Paolo Di Stolfo Error Control and Adaptivity for Fictitious Domain Methods Mathematics
Markus Hittmeir Number-theoretic problems in cryptographic applications Mathematics
Christoph Hutle Diophantine Problems related to Linear Recurrences Mathematics
Dominik Kaaser Effiziente verteilte Algorithmen für Informationverteilung und Voting in großen Netzwerken Computer Sciences
Christina Karolus Composition of polynomials, lacunarity and linear recurrences Mathematics
Ouafae Lachhab Performance Analysis of Concurrent Memory Management Systems Computer Sciences
Gregor Milicic Numerical methods for variational inequalities and coupled systems Mathematics
Jan Petsche Non-conforming hp-finite element methods for variational equation and inequalities Matheamtics
Thomas Singer Parabolische Differentialgleichungen mit p,q-Wachstum Mathematics
Stefan Sturm Doubly nonliniear parabolic equations with measure data Mathematics