Doktorand/inn/en (DSP MARS)

DSP MARS: Übersicht Dissertationsprojekte 
Doktorand/in Thema / Titel Fachbereich
Patrick Bammer Error Estimates for hp-FEM in Elastoplasticity Mathematik
Nicolas Dietrich tba Mathematik
Sebastian Heintze New results on Diophantine problems related to linear recurrences Mathematik
Yoná Léon Karem Mons Partial Regularity for Parabolic Systems of p-Laplacian Type
Rudolf Rainer Stability for Doubly Non Linear Parabolic Equation Mathematik
Alireza Salamiabyaneh Abstract Symbolic Execution Informatik
Thomas Stanin Die Bounded Slope Condition in Evolutionsproblemen Mathematik
Nicole Vorderobermeier Gradient flows of geometric curvature energies for curves and surfaces Mathematik
Ingrid Vukusic Application of effective and ineffective methods to Diophantine equations involving linear recurrence sequences Mathematik