Lukas Fallwickl

PhD SupervisorUniv.-Prof. Dr. Laurence Cole
PhD Co-SupervisorNA
StartSoSe 2020
Topic/TitleBritische Reisende und Diplomaten als Akteur*innen in den Beziehungen zwischen Großbritannien und der Habsburgermonarchie, 1830–1870


This dissertation takes a new approach to the relations between Great Britain and the Habsburg Monarchy in the 19th century, which are traditionally portrayed as pervaded by political and ideological opposition. In the context of New Diplomatic History, it will focus on the perceptions and opinions of British travellers and diplomats who lived or journeyed within the Habsburg Monarchy during the decades between 1830 and 1870. An analysis of their correspondence and published travelogues will examine the impressions of politics, society, and different nationalities that they conveyed to their home audiences. Thereby, the (political) influence that these actors intended to exert on British public opinion and on their government’s foreign policy respectively shall be investigated. Reports on the situation and events in Hungary and Northern Italy will stand at the centre of this study, as the resistance, revolutions, and wars in these problematic regions aroused fervent interest among the British public and put major strains on British-Habsburg diplomacy.