Doctoral Students (StADS)

DSP StADS: Overview 
Doctoral student Title Department
Christina Anderer tba Political Science and Sociology
Matthias Bernhardt Optimal Portfolio Building and Dynamic Relationships Social and Economic Sciences
Maximilian Fleig Ursachen und Auswirkungen von Auslandsverschuldung Social and Economic Sciences
Gregor Paul Greslehner From Molecules to Biological Systems: Explaining Life at Different Levels Philosophy
Patrick Kutschar Faktoren der Qualität standardisierter Befragungen bei älteren Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen Political Science and Sociology
Martin Lechleitner Functional responses of plant communities and plant-pollinator interactions to elevational gradients and climate change Ecology and Evolution
Christoph Mödlhamer tba Political Science and Sociology
Judith Parkinson tba Mathematics
Manuela Schreyer Spezielle Klassen von Copulae und deren Anwendungen Mathematics
Markus Tiefenbacher Effects on Market Property Value Based Taxing Social and Economic Sciences
Monika Wagner Climate and Spatial-Temporal Modelling for Mycobiont-Photobiont-Interactions in Antarctic Lecideoid Lichens Ecology and Evolution
Georg Zimmermann Analysis of Covariance – Different Approaches Mathematics