Workshops and Symposia (DSP StADS)

Fallzahlplanung (Sample size planning, in German only)


  • Meinhard Kieser und Katrin Jensen (Heidelberg)
  • Franz König (Wien)
  • Arne Bathke (Salzburg)

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5-7 July, 2017

Evidence, Uncertainty and Decision Making With a Particular Emphasis on Climate Science


  • Richard Bradley, Nancy Cartwright, Roman Frigg (London School of Economics)
  • Andrea Fischer (Innsbruck)
  • Andreas Lang, Charlotte Werndl, Lena Zuchowski, Robert Junker, Arne Bathke (Salzburg)

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15-16 June, 2017

Daten und Identität (Data and identity, probably in German)


  • Stephan Kirste, Charlotte Werndl, Lena Zuchowski, Arne Bathke (Salzburg)
  • external speakers

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Summer 2017 (exact date TBA)

n-Dimensional Hypervolumes in Ecology and Beyond


  • Benjamin Blonder (Oxford)
  • Carlos Pérez Carmona and Francesco de Bello (South Bohemia)
  • Robert Junker and Manuela Schreyer (Salzburg)

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24-25 November 2016