Gislene Rodriguez

Fachbereich Systematische Theologie und Zentrum Interkulturell & Studium der Religionen – Religious Studies
Hauptbetreuerin Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anne Koch
Nebenbetreuer tba
Beginn Inskription erfolgt in Kürze
Kontakt tba
Thema der Dissertation The effects of religious practices on well-being: an investigation into the benefits of rituals and possible secular use


The project examines how religious practices possibly affect well-being. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, a practice drawn from ancient Buddhist teachings and today applied in the Western in a secular manner, has helped thousands of individuals suffering from depression and anxiety without being Buddhist. The project explores models of well-being and identifies features of religion and ritual that result into a subjectively felt increase of well-being. Some clinical examples on meditation and singing will serve as case studies.