Well organized and professional childcare is important for a successful work environment. Possible forms of childcare include:

  • Crèche groups (under 3 years of age)
  • Kindergarten (3-6 years)
  • Day-care mother/father
  • Mixed-age groups
  • Child care at universities
  • Babysitters
  • Day-care grandmother/grandfather
  • Full day forms of schools


Attendance of a kindergarten is mandatory for children at the age of 5 years. Children who turn five by August 31 of a year have to attend kindergarten from September through June at least on a half-day basis. Parents of children who turn 4 by September 1 are invited by the authorities to a mandatory interview, if the child is not yet listed for kindergarten attendance.
There are exceptions for children who are cared for at home or by day-care parents.



Childcare Office of the University of Salzburg

The Childcare Office of the University is service point for university employees and students with children. It organizes various programs for children and young people.
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